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Yakusugi Wood - Sketch Mechanical Pencil (5.6mm)

Yakusugi Wood - Sketch Mechanical Pencil (5.6mm)

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It is delightful to sketch, draw, and write with this gorgeous handmade Yakusugi wood pen, made in collaboration with Red Line. Enjoy the feeling of this truly special tool in your hand, especially when drawing and sketching. The thickness of its barrel provides a comfortable grip, and it has a good balance and weight that makes drawing a pleasure.

It includes a 4B graphite lead, which is a lead size that’s easy to find internationally when you need a refill. There are different graphite hardness available, as well as colored leads including metallic shades that are available in the market.

The back cap of the pencil also doubles as a sharpener to ensure you can always have precise lines when sketching. Just push out the tip of the lead, unscrew the cap, and use it to sharpen the tip to your liking.

The packaging includes a wooden box handmade in Japan with two tiny kodama handmade by Esther Molina.

Yakusugi is a type of cedar tree that grows on Yakushima Island, in the southern part of Japan. Yakushima Island is renowned for its ancient and majestic Yakusugi trees. These trees are a species of Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) that have thrived on the island for thousands of years, making them some of the oldest living trees in the world.

A Yakusugi tree has to be at least 1,000 years old to be considered a real Yakusugi. The wood that we are using is from real Yakusugi trees, older than a thousand years old. It is important to note that the trees have not been cut to use their wood. Only the wood of trees that have fallen due to harsh weather conditions is used to make our pencils. In this way, we can contribute to keeping the balance in the Yakushima ecosystem.

Yakusugi trees hold great cultural importance in Japan. They are considered sacred by the local communities in Yakushima Island, and are often associated with spiritual beliefs and practices. The ancient forests where these trees grow are protected as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

Yakusugi trees stand as living testaments to the passage of time, and the resilience of nature. Their towering presence, ancient wisdom, and cultural significance make them truly remarkable treasures that deserve our admiration and protection.

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Size: 12 cm // 4.72 inches
Ø about 1.5 cm // 0.59 inches
Material: Yakusugi wood from Yakushima Island, Japan 
Note: Due to the material being natural wood, the grain pattern will be unique among in pen

Inner mechanism made in Taiwan.

Designed by Wanderlust, Hand Made in Japan by Red Line

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