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About Us

Hello, everyone!

Located in the heart of Okayama and surrounded by the mountains of Kibi Chuo Cho, a plateau area right in the middle of nature, with many trees, birds, and forest animals, you can find Nap Village, the place where The Superior Labor artisans work in a lovely atelier. We mainly work with leather, cotton canvas and brass, and we offer superb quality products that can be used for a very long time. The Superior Labor delivers heart warming handmade original products from that mountain land to many countries around the world.

Wanderlust by T.S.L is a sister brand of The Superior Labor that we created to offer a selection of stationery and art products for journaling, travel and outdoors. Wanderlust means to be a companion in your journeys and daily life. Life is also a journey. Every day, even an ordinary day, can be special and can be an adventure surrounded by beautiful items and using your favourite tools. 
Our original designs are created by Makoto Kawai, designer and founder of The Superior Labor, in collaboration with Esther Molina, a TSL overseas agent who is also a graphic designer and a radio reporter living in Yokohama. Esther is deeply in love with Japanese culture, stationery, hiking, hand made products and, of course, The Superior Labor.

In our online shop we also offer a selection of The Superior Labor and T.S.L CUB. T.S.L CUB is a sister brand of The Superior Labor. The craftsmanship of TSL is combined with our mountain living life experience into this camping and outdoors gear’s lineup.

Wanderlust by T.S.L Team