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Yakushima Inkwell Stones

Yakushima Inkwell Stones

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These fun and charming moss stones handmade by Esther Molina are created as a tribute to the Yakushima landscape of stones covered in moss. Hiking in Yakushima, she got fascinated by the simple beauty of mossy stones and how full of life they seem to be. 

As a glass pen user, she found that some ink bottles have a narrow neck that makes it difficult for some glass pens to dip in the ink. Also, she loves to mix inks with glitters and shimmering powders, so she wanted to create an inkwell that looks fun and whimsical on your desk. 

The "rocks" are handmade with sand clay and hand-painted. then, some layers of artificial moss are applied to them, creating whimsical green patches. Under the stone you can find a little surprise, as some kodama are living there. And they glow in the dark! 

The inkwell part is a glass jar that can easily be removed and cleaned.

Enjoy these handmade inkwell stones as all of them are completely one of a kind, just like the ones in nature.


Size: 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm approx. // 1.37 inches x 0.98 inches long
Material: sand clay
Handmade by Esther Molina
Made in Japan

Due to these ink wells being handmade, each of them is unique and one of a kind.


エステル モリナが手作りした楽しくて魅力的な苔石は、苔に覆われた屋久島の風景に敬意を表して作られました。 屋久島でのハイキング中に、彼女は苔むした石の素朴な美しさと、それらがいかに生命力に満ちているかに魅了されました。

ガラスペンのユーザーである彼女は、一部のインクボトルの首が狭く、ガラスペンをインクに浸すのが難しいものがあることに気づきました。 また、彼女はグリッターやきらめくパウダーとインクを混ぜるのが大好きなので、机の上に楽しくて奇抜に見えるインク壺を作りたいと考えていました。


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