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Glass Pen Kodama

Glass Pen Kodama

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Our whimsical glass pens are writing tools that combine craftsmanship with functionality and a little bit of magic. Designed by Wanderlust and crafted by Hanabi Glass Studio, these glass pens are made with precision and attention to detail, perfect for those who appreciate the art of writing.

This design is called “Kodama”, which means “orb” in Japanese. In daylight, the pen shows a body with a clear, earthy shade of green with glitter, representing the color of the forest of Yakushima covered in wet moss. The big "kodama" sphere on the back of the nib is a slightly translucent white marbled glass that resembles the spiritual light of "kodama".

At the end of the pen, we can appreciate the three spheres of opal stones representing little kodamas, which are playfully flying across the sky and over the forest. Under blue light, you can see the trails of these little kodamas made with silver powder, as well as the big kodama sphere glowing gorgeously. You can learn more about the design concept on our blog, as well as a video showing the details of this pen. 

This glass pen shape has a simple design, allowing a comfortable grip and an effortless writing experience. 

The pen's nib is meticulously shaped to provide smooth and consistent ink flow. It has eight channels with a little twist, which is what allows for holding a bit more ink. The fine tip ensures a smooth feeling in every stroke, making it ideal for calligraphy, lettering, drawing, or simply adding a touch of sophistication and fun to your everyday writing.

Despite its delicate appearance, the glass pen is surprisingly durable. Crafted from sturdy borosilicate glass, it is resistant to scratches and cracks, ensuring long-lasting performance. With proper care, this pen will be your faithful companion for years to come. Please, keep the pen safe from falling or being hit. If your nib gets broken by accident, we offer free repair (but shipping both ways will be charged to the customer).

Glass pens are compatible with various types of ink, like fountain pen ink or calligraphy ink. Enjoy using multiple inks at the same time by just rinsing the glass pen in water, and drying it with a cloth or tissue in between colors.

Cleaning the glass pen is very easy. Simply rinse it with water after each use to remove any residual ink. The transparent design makes it easy to check the cleanliness of the nib, ensuring optimal performance every time you write.

Our glass pens come beautifully packaged in a practical and protective box, making it an ideal gift for writers, artists, or anyone who loves stationery or appreciates fine craftsmanship. Whether it's for a special occasion, or just to show someone you care, this pen is sure to leave a lasting impression. The box is made of cardboard with the engraved logo of Hanabi Studio. The inner part has a protective sponge cushion to make the pen feel very comfortable.

Enjoy the experience of writing even more by using a glass pen. Its beautiful design, smooth writing performance, and its versatility make it a must-have for any writing enthusiast. Add a touch of sophistication to your words and let your creativity flow effortlessly with this exceptional writing tool.

Size: 13cm long, ⌀ 1.5 cm approx. // 5.11 inches long, ⌀ 1.77 cm approx
Material: Borosilicate glass, three opals
Handmade by Hanabi Glass Studio
Made in Japan

Due to these pens being handmade, the patterns on the glass and opal stones position are unique on each of them. Each pen is one of a kind.

PRODUCT GUARANTEE: Contact us if your nib gets broken, as we offer free repair (but shipping both ways will be charged to the customer).


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