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Faded Inkwell (lavender and red)

Faded Inkwell (lavender and red)

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Enjoy the magic of writing with ink, whether you’re on your desk or you're on the go.

Through these tiny ink wells, you can feel the charm of the ink while traveling. It’s small enough to bring along with your favorite glass or dip pen, along with your current ink samples. You don’t need much - just the tiniest drop of ink will do the trick, and you can start writing with ease. And when you’re all done and there’s still some left over, you can pour it back into the bottles, so you can keep your precious inks for a long time.

Just like our glass pens, these ink wells are made from borosilicate glass and meticulously crafted by Hanabi Glass Studio. We are proud of our whimsical writing tools that combine craftsmanship with functionality and a little bit of magic. 


Pen Size: 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm approx. // 1.37 inches x 0.98 inches long
Material: Borosilicate glass
Handmade by Hanabi Glass Studio
Made in Japan

Due to these ink wells being handmade, the patterns on the glass are unique, making each pen one of a kind.

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