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Eboya Fountain Pen - Ricchiku in Blue-Green

Eboya Fountain Pen - Ricchiku in Blue-Green

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* Characteristics:

- Ink filling system: Cartridge or converter, (Standard International type)
- Full length: approx. 143 mm (5.62 inches)
- Shaft thickness: approx. 15mm (0.59 inches)
- Nib material: 14K gold
- Body material: ebonite
- Color: Wind (blue-green)

* Includes:
- Box in navy blue
- Converter: Standard International
- Ink cartridge (Pelikan Royal Blue)
- Eboya International Guarantee
- Pen ID card number
- Care instructions
- Hand grinded nib by nib master CY

* Description:
A handmade fountain pen by Eboya, the only one company in Japan that produces ebonite. Ebonite is a material made with natural rubber and sulfur. It is formed by a chemical reaction by mixing and heating those components at high temperatures and preassure. The result is a very resistant material with a very pleasant touch that feels so comfortable in your hand when writing.

The pens are made with Eboya original color marbled ebonite, which production requires very squilled craftsmanship. Each pen has their own unique texture, that can never be the same. 

* Converters and cartridges:
Eboya's products are designed to be compatible with "International standard type" converters and cartridges. We recommend Pelikan converters and cartridges or long type cartridges.

An international standard type converter is included.
* Model:

立竹 ”RICCHIKU" means standing bamboos. This fountain pen was designed to express the beauty of bamboos, its strength and flexibility.

The shape is like a trunk of bamboo, with defined rings that hide the connexion between the cap and the body.

The blue-green color name is 風 "kaze", that means "wind", a calm bluish-green marbled with a black base.

Since it is molded using an extrusion method, a unique pattern may appear on the head of the cap. There are various shapes such as a star shape and a vortex shape. In addition, the shaft has a mysterious pattern that looks like overlapping annual rings.


* Nib:

The 14k gold nibs are hand grinded by nib master CY, from Tokyo Station Pens and KyuseidoPlease, understand that the hand grinding will take some time, so the orders will be shipped in about 10 - 12 days.

PLEASE, choose the desired nib when placing your order by adding a note at the check out or sending us a message. 

All the nibs are Japanese size


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