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Hariko Pen Holders

Hariko Pen Holders

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Wanderlust is so happy to introduce to all of you an initiative we have started to promote some of the Japanese traditional arts and crafts, together with illustrators and artists who made us fall in love with their work.

These pen holders are designed by Wanderlust and made in collaboration with Chihiro Inoue, an illustrator and "hariko" (paper-mache) artist, a traditional Japanese craft technique that uses washi paper to build hollow figures.

Enjoy how these little forest animals will keep you company on your desk and hold your favorite pen. You can choose between an Taiwan Black Bear (kuma 熊), a Japanese Red Fox (kitsune 狐), and a Japanese raccoon dog (tanuki 狸)to add a warm touch to your desk.

Harikokko is an original paper-mache brand by the Japanese illustrator Chihiro Inoue. We get to cherish the beauty and warmth of traditional materials such as Japanese paper and Gohun pigment, through her carefully crafted pieces. She delivers paper-mache treasures that will make you smile and warm your heart when you meet their eyes.

Please, read our blog to know more about Chihiro Inoue and the Japanese traditional "hariko" figures.

Size: about 8 cm height x 4 cm width x 5.5 cm depth

Size: about 5.5 cm height x 5 cm width x 7 cm depth

Size: about 7 cm height x 5 cm width x 6 cm depth

Japanese washi paper, "gofun" (shell pigment), glue, paints and resin
Made in Japan




これらの小さな森の動物たちが、あなたの机の上であなたに寄り添い、お気に入りのペンを持ってくれる様子をお楽しみください。 ツキノワグマ、キタキツネ、タヌキからお選びいただけ、デスクに温かみのある秋の雰囲気を添えます。


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