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Brass Concho Heart

Brass Concho Heart

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This beautiful heart shaped concho by The Superior Labor have the back as a button, so you can hold it on a string or a elastic. 

Enjoy how the brass metal of this item changes naturally with the use and the passage of time. Brass is an alloy or copper and zinc, which will naturally tarnish when exposed to oxygen. Oils from your skin in addition to oxygen in the air accelerate tarnishing on brass. Generally, brass corrodes when the zinc, copper and tin components of brass alloy are exposed to water. Oxidized brass is typically blackish, green or blue, and hardens like a thick crust over the surface of the brass. This coating usually flakes off and can be removed to reveal the shiny brass surface.

Size: 21 mm x 21 mm // 0.82 x 0.82 inches
Material: Brass metal
Made in Japan

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