The Urban Sketchers leather pen case

The Urban Sketchers leather pen case

We are so glad to introduce you the Urban Sketchers leather pen case, a product that was born with a very specific need in mind and that became so versatile for multiple uses.

If you are a stationery lover, you like to sketch or journal, you will probably agree with us in this: carrying your most precious pens wherever you go is something you love to do, but it also feels quite stressful, as you want to protect them from any kind of damage, specially scratches. Then, you end up carrying several pen cases or bags for the watercolors, the pencils or markers, the stationery basics and the fountain pens.

This Urban Sketchers pen case allows you to carry your watercolors and drawing utensils together, while protecting your fountain pens in a separated vertical pocket with a flap, where you can clip them to anchor their position.

The vertical pocket is also big enough to fill if with other types of utensils, like brushes, markers, color pencils...  While the zipper pocket allows you to fit watercolor cases, pocket printers... And, of course, masking tape, glue, scissors...

This leather pen case provides a way to carry all our sketch, journal or stationery essentials together in a safe way. And, of course, it can also be used to carry make up or other utensils. 

Available in vegetable tanned Italian Toscana leather as a special edition for Wanderlust by T.S.L (Shop them here)

Cotton candy

Mint macaron

Also available in vegetable tanned Japanese cow oil soft leather in natural, light brown, dark brown and black colors. (Shop them here)

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