The Birth of Wanderlust by TSL

The Birth of Wanderlust by TSL




noun: wanderlust

  1. a strong desire to travel and discover the world.

"A person consumed by wanderlust"

Origin early 20th century: from German Wanderlust .


Wanderlust means a strong desire for travel and discovering the world. We feel wanderlust for the stationery and analogue world, for keeping a journal and keeping memories, dreams, plans and stories on paper. How amazing would it be to combine those two passions, those two worlds, together? This is how "Wanderlust by T.S.L" was born. You can have your travels, your adventures and daily life surrounded by tools and objects you truly love.

Wanderlust by T.S.L is a sister brand of The Superior Labor that we created to offer a selection of products for journaling, travel and outdoors. Wanderlust means to be a companion in your journeys and daily life. Life is also a journey. Every day, even an ordinary day, can be special and can be an adventure surrounded by beautiful items and using your favorite tools.


Our original designs are created by Makoto Kawai, designer and founder of The Superior Labor, in collaboration with Esther Molina, who works also as a TSL overseas agent.

Wanderlust is a brand that wants to offer products that make you feel "wanderlust" to use them. Products that will accompany you in your wanderlust lifestyle, outdoors, in the city, in nature, or in your home, traveling the world or in your desk. Products that will make you fall in love with life, with travel, with journaling, with sketching, and with Japan.

Discover Wanderlust.

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