Pirate's Sea

Pirate's Sea

We are glad to introduce the first of our exclusive colors: "Pirate's Sea”. This color is a deep shade of teal, with a little turquoise and aqua.

The color was inspired by the Setonaikai (the Seto Inland Sea), located between the islands of Honshu and Shikoku. This is the sea on the Okayama coast. There are hundreds of small islands there, with a rich culture and a very interesting history. Did you know this sea was sailed by... pirates!!?

Around the 14th century,the Seto Inland Sea was an important navigation route for commerce, but strong currents and the narrow space between rocks made sailing extremely difficult. At that time, several groups of pirates were taking advantage of boats which had run aground. A group called the Murakami Kaizoku, became known as "the good pirates of the Setonaikai.” These very skilled sailors did the opposite and helped the ships.  For a fee they assisted ships in trouble, navigated routes and protected ships from other pirates. No ships could pass those areas without them, as the Murakami Kaizoku took control of all major sea routes and ports. The Murakami Kaizoku became the guardians of the Seto Inland Sea for about two centuries.

The daimyo (feudal lord) Toyotomi Hideyoshi  outlawed piracy at the end of the 16th century. At this time the Murakami Kaizoku changed their title to Murakami Suigun (Murakami Navy) and became a government-sanctioned coast guard.


The legacy of the Murakami Kaizoku was so strong that it can still be found today. It has received designation as Japan Heritage by Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs. There is also a museum dedicated to them, the Murakami Suigun Museum.

We hope you like this color and it may just remind you of the pirates adventures of the Setonaikai.


Wanderlust by TSL Team


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