Love Letter from T.S.L

Love Letter from T.S.L

The feeling of receiving a letter is magical, isn't it? Since the moment you see the envelope in your post box butterflies start to quiver its wings in your stomach... Then you want to know who is sending it to you. After checking the remittent very quickly, you probably smile and picture that special person in your mind. With clumsy hands you rip the envelope and start reading the letter, devouring every word. It is like you want to know everything that is written there but at the same time you don't want to finish reading it. You do not want the letter to end, you are craving for more words from that friend, relative or special person... It is a bittersweet moment when you finish reading it... same as when you finish a book. But then you notice something very warm in your chest, it feels almost like a hug... It is the love with what the letter was written...

Love Letter from The Superior Labor is a product that was born with the love and passion for stationery from 3 friends. Do you want to know the story of this product?Ayako (left), Esther and Mits (right)

Once upon a time (on the late summer of 2019), Ayako (from Cute Things from Japan) and Mits (from The Stationery Selection) wanted to visit Nap Village, where TSL company is located, with business purposes. Esther (myself working as a TSL agent) accompany them on the trip from Tokyo to Okayama.

After enjoying a beautiful day at Nap Village with the TSL family, Ayako, Mits and Esther spend another day at the historical city of Kurashiki, in the heart of Okayama. They enjoy strolling around the canal, appreciating the beautiful architecture of the buildings, the delicious local food, the interesting souvenirs and the whimsical stationery shops.

On the way back home, on the airplane, they started to talk about the pouches they like to use to carry stationery and what kind of pouch they would like to have. They mentioned how useful will be to have a flat pouch to carry postcards in your bag, until you deposit them in a post box. And then, with a paper bag it was on the seat pocket, they started to make a prototype of the pouch. While they were thinking about what kind of flap will be better to close the pouch, the idea of making the pouch with an envelope shape hit them like a Cupid’s arrow. “We should make a Love Letter!!!”.

Esther presented the project to Makoto, who liked the idea very much. Then, he made a canvas prototype of it, adjusting the design to improve the product. And, after some adjustments, the Love Letter from T.S.L was born.

The Love Letter pouch was supposed to be released on July 23rd 2020, Fumi no Hi (ふみの日), the Letters Day in Japan. But Covid was hitting the world with great impact, making international shipping impossible to some countries or extremely expensive to others. So the project remained in stand by for a while.

Finally, when international shipping began to be available again thanks to making contracts with private couriers, the Love Letter pouch project was again on the table. Makoto really wanted to carry out this project, as he felt the world needed some extra love in these difficult moments. TSL was the first to release the product in Autumn 2020, for Japanese market only. And now, for 2021 Valentine’s, Cute Things From Japan, The Stationery Selection and Wanderlust by T.S.L have the Love Letter internationally available in exclusive. 

We truly hope you like this very special collaboration product that has been designed and made with so much love. Enjoy the different designs, colors and sizes available in each of these three shops and feel the love from The Superior Labor!

Also, you can check the lovely video made by The Stationery Selection!

Love Letter from T.S.L (S size)
Love Letter from T.S.L (L size)


We included a special postcard with each Love Letter ordered until February 14th (or while stocks last). 


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