Happy New Year 2021!!!

Happy New Year 2021!!!

Happy New Year 2021!!!

How are you? The Wanderlust by T.S.L Team is very happy to start a new year together, wishing all of you lots of health and happiness. New beginnings deserve a celebration, so The Superior Labor has created a limited edition Engineer canvas pouch to celebrate this 2021 New Year, with a stamped logo that shows the silhouette of a powerful ox running, with a pine tree in the background.

In Japan and other Asian countries we follow a lunar calendar with 12 animals called "eto", that are the symbols of the Chinese horoscope (with some slight differences between Japan and other countries). Every year is represented by an animal and  2021 it is the year of the ox. In Asian culture, oxen denote hard work, positivity and honesty, as they are grounded, loyal, gentle and trustworthy.

The pine is one of the Japanese lucky symbols, called "engimono". Pines are used on celebrations, and because they are an evergreen tree, they represent no end.

The pouches are painted in red, that in Japan represents good luck, celebration and protection. The white canvas and the red paint are a color combination called "kohaku" that traditionally is used in New Year's because it brings good luck and protection from bad energies.

They also include 10 strawberry flavor exclusive candies, hand made by candy artisans in Tokyo, with the logo of TSL. 

We hope you like this post to know a little bit more about this 2021 New Year's Engineer pouch. It is available for purchase here.

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