Do you know Baum-Kuchen Studio?

Do you know Baum-Kuchen Studio?

Hello, dear TSL lovers!

How are you this week? This is the hottest month of the year in Japan! It is also a hot month for Wanderlust by T.S.L, as we have a little surprise!

Do you know Baum-Kuchen Studio? It is the lovely shop from Wakako and Frido, in Altadena, California (USA). They are one of The Superior Labor retailers and they have a very special story behind. Our relationship is so close that it feels like friendship and family. Along the years we had made many collaborations, product designs and events together. (I actually didn't had the pleasure to meet BK in person yet, just waiting for the times we can all travel safe again).


For today's blog get yourself comfy, grab one of your favorite drinks and enjoy their interesting interview. We will tell you about our little surprise after that!

W - How did you discover TSL?
BK - I don't go to trade shows nor use conventional ways of sourcing items we carry at BK. I know and trust that I will meet the right artifacts at the right place and time as long as my instinct is in tune with what I believe. So I am not sure if I "discovered" TSL in any way. I think it was more of a "chance encounter". In the summer of 2012, I was strolling the back alley of Harajuku with my friend and happened to walk into an apparel store. The shop was full of many items displayed from the top to the bottom. But my eye went straight to the TSL items, including TSL Engineer Shoulder Bag. I was obsessed with the bag from the instant I saw it and my friend and I both ended up purchasing one. 

W - What is the reason you wanted to carry TSL products at Baum-Kuchen?
The quality which TSL artifacts embody represents so much of what we believe at Baum-kuchen. Though Baum-kuchen is a store and sells products, we never want to sell an item for the sake of simply making a profit. We share these artifacts because we believe they can bring happiness and joy to the people who use them for a long time. Because TSL items are so beautifully made with impeccable craftsmanship, I know that their artifacts will be able to be our customer's companions for a very long time.

W - What is your favorite TSL product?
There are so many! But if I must pick one product, it will be my Engineer Shoulder Bag which I personally purchased in Tokyo when I stumbled upon it through serendipity. Both the canvas and leather have become so soft over time with usage. It has quite a bit of usage marks by now like paint stains, water drop marks, rust marks on canvas from brass rivets, etc. But no matter how beat-up the bag looks, I can appreciate those marks as beautiful and unique patinas. I have used this shoulder bag for international travels as well as my daily commute bag to BK. During the pandemic, while we were mostly at home, I converted the bag into my homeschooling supply cubby and it was a part of our living room scene so kids can access their learning supplies easily. I just realized that the bag and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary very soon :) 

W - What do you think it is that makes TSL unique or special?
I am used to knowing and believing that "objects" around me such as trees, writing desk, notebook, etc. all have their own weight of life force. I see TSL items through the lens as well. And oh boy, the energy their artifacts have is incredible. I believe the energy is so positive because of the people behind TSL and their love and care for their craftsmanship. It's always very magical to be in the same room with my TSL bag which I believe has its own soul. 

W - And, last but not least, can you send a message for all the BK and TSL fans?
I am incredibly grateful that we can be a part of your adventures. Whether it's through journaling, traveling, or simply living your everyday lives, I hope these artifacts we share with you continue to bring inspiration and creativity to your moments and offer a place for groundedness.

W - Thank you so very much! It has been a pleasure to interview you!

BK - Thank you very much, we are glad to talk to you!

If you wish, you can read more about Baum-Kuchen history and their amazing staff team here.

And now, it is time to tell you about our little surprise!
Baum-Kuchen Studio made an original masking tape illustrated by Ame, who was working there and also came to The Superior Labor workshop in Okayama for training.

That whimsical masking tape is going to be available at Wanderlust by T.S.L online store too!!!

I totally fell in love with the tape at first sight, so this is why I wanted to share it with all of you and make it available at our shop too! Thank you so very much, Wakako san, for allowing us to have the tape!!!

You can purchase the tape at Baum-Kuchen Studio here (shipping from the USA) or at our online shop here.

Do not miss our next post, about the story behind that precious tape!!!

Have a nice day!!!


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