A Spring love story

A Spring love story

March is a very important month in Japan. Besides being the end of the fiscal and school year, is the month that bring us Spring.

There are so many gorgeous flowers we can enjoy in March: the late plum blossoms, the mimosa or the famous “sakura” (cherry blossoms), the most beloved flower in Japan. It is difficult to compete with the gorgeous beauty of the “sakura” flowers: a symmetrical flower with very pale pink petals in the shape of hearts, yellow filaments, and a reddish sepal.  

Usually, end of the school year and entrance ceremonies are accompanied by cherry blossoms. It is a typical image of Japan to see children in their school uniforms taking photos with their proud parents at the entrance of the school, with the cherry blossoms in the background. And is that almost all schools in Japan have “sakura” trees in their courtyards.

But not everything is happiness at the end of the school year… In some cases, kids that finish a school cycle need to change to a different school and say goodbye to many friends with whom they have spent lots of time together. And the graduation of High School is the most bittersweet. Even the future looks exciting, having to say goodbye to their friends is way too painful. Also, many of them will have to move to another cities to attend university.

So, let me tell you about a very cute custom in Japan for High School students that involves the second button of the boy’s uniform jacket. That second button, called “第二ボタン” in Japanese, is the closest to the student’s heart. Some students rip it away to give it to a special person as a love confession. Also, some girls confess their love too, by asking the boys for that button. So on the graduation day, it is common to see boys wearing a uniform jacket missing one or more buttons, as the most popular boys also give other buttons if girls ask for them if they had given already the second one.

Besides if they become a couple or not, the students that receive the buttons keep them as a very special treasure for so many years, or even maybe their whole life. A memory of their first love or best friend.

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