💕 T.S.L fans around the world: Trina O’Gorman

💕 T.S.L fans around the world: Trina O’Gorman

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

We have missed you a lot!!! We are back after the holidays and want to share with you a new post on the "T.S.L fans around the world" series. This time let's meet Trina O'Gorman.

W- Hello, Trina, thank you so very much for joining us today. We are sure many already know you because you are very active in social media and also have been contributing writing for the Baum Kuchen Studio Love For Analogue Stories. We are glad to get to meet you a little bit more and introduce you to so many other TSL fans. Would you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work?

T- Hello! My name is Trina O’Gorman, I live in NJ, and I am the mother of two amazing sons, Aidan, who is 18, Cormac, who is 13. We have an adorable dog named Zelda, whom we adopted in 2015. 

I teach in the Writing Studies Department at a NJ university.

W- We really enjoy reading your posts in social media, you write about many interesting topics, sometimes even very delicate and not easy ones to talk about, but you always communicate in a practical way and with frankness, helping who read them. And, how about your hobbies? What do you love to do in your free time?

T- In my free time, I love to do things with family and friends. I am also really into fitness and exercise. I exercise six days a week. I love writing and write both professionally and personally (journaling). Most people who know me through social media do so because of my journaling practice. I am currently working on my first book-length writing project, which doesn’t leave me time to do much else, but I am having a great time going through the process.

W- That is wonderful! Writing is such a special activity! Here at TSL we love to write too, keeping a journal is so delightful! By the way, how did you discover TSL?

T- I discovered TSL through Baum-kuchen, a lifestyle studio in Altadena, California. I’ve been a customer of BK since 2015 and started writing for their monthly Love Letter in 2016. I have owned as many as sixteen TSL artifacts over the past few years, but currently have fourteen of them. The very first TSL product I ever bought was a nude leather pen roll for my fountain pens. I got that from Baum-kuchen in 2016, I still have it and use it. It has a honey brown patina after all of these years, which makes it even more beautiful than it was when I first got it.

W- We have to agree with you about how beautiful the natural color leather gets with time. What is it that you specially like about TSL?

T- Before meeting Wakako, owner of Baum-kuchen, I use to like new and shiny things, but that changed. I remember Wakako telling me about the warmth and the soul of TSL products, and it’s true. They have a wonderful energy. I’ve read about Nap Village and find that and the care and craftsmanship that goes into making the products to be part allure. But, I also love the design of TSL’s products and how well-made and durable everything is.

Most of the companies always try to make you believe you need to buy another new product, they try to sell you an update of their products, but TSL doesn't do that, because their craftmanship and quality is so good that you can keep using their products for many years. This is very good for caring about the environment. That is something I really love.

W- Thank you very much!!! Is there a specific TSL product that you use every day or almost every day?

T- My top three TSL products that get used the most -- every day and every week - are my yellow or blue A5 zip organizer (I have three), my pen case, and my Engineer bag. I forgot about my BK x TSL leather and canvas wallet, which is grey and turquoise. It is also used daily and always with me!

W- Yes, the A5 zip organizer is one I use daily too! And, what is your favorite TSL color? 

T- It’s also hard to choose a favorite color of my TSL products. Everyone knows how much I love the yellow leather of my A5 zip organizer. I got it last October, during the pandemic. It really lifted my mood, when I most needed it too, and was my daily companion for a whole year, housing my journal/notebook, as well as serving as my wallet. But I am also a huge fan of the color of my Navy Stripe Engineer shoulder bag. It’s really a great bag. 

W- Also, both of them together, such a beautiful combo! I am going to ask you now something to let your imagination run wild: If you could ask TSL to produce anything, what it will be your TSL dream product?

T- I think a slightly larger A5 leather zip organizer that better accommodated A5 notebooks when also filled with other ideas would be great. It should come in a bright yellow or denim blue leather, of course!

W- We take note on that! Trina, you are also a stationery lover, right?

T- Yes, I am a big lover of analogue tools. I use fountain pens, washi tape, stickers, and various notebooks. I have a pretty amazing collection of paperclips. I am a TN user and carried Traveler’s Company exclusively for about six years. I recently also started using an A5 Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter notebook. I journal and keep a daily notebook with journaling and notes, and I have done so since I was a little girl. It keeps me grounded and also helps me to process and remember things.

W- And last but not least, have you ever visited Japan? Is there any place in Japan you would like to visit?

T- Sadly, I have not yet traveled to Japan, and I use the word “yet” because it is a country on my bucket list. I cannot wait until traveling feels safe again. Yes, I definitely want to visit Peace Park in Hiroshima, which I read about as a little girl. I want to go to Kyoto and Tokyo. And, of course I want to visit Nap Village and Traveler’s Factory.

W- Trina, it was so nice to talk to you and get to know you a little bit more! We wait for you here!!! Thank you so very much for your time!!!


We hope you enjoyed this interview. If you want to know more about Trina, you can find her here:


IG: @trinasnotebook / @iamtrinaogorman

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