Sketch mechanical pencils from the sacred Yakushima Island

Sketch mechanical pencils from the sacred Yakushima island

The yakusugi sketching mechanical pencil collaboration with Red Line

I am a stationery lover with a devotion to arts and crafts. And I am also a hiker in love with Yakushima. I have hiked several mountains and paths in Yakushima during my trips there, and I completely fell in love with the island. I felt its nature’s energy and experienced the deepest peace and happiness under its rain, surrounded by the aroma of the yakusugi trees that are native to the island.

I believe the tools we use matter. It is important to pay attention to their materials and the way they are made. When using a special tool, we feel more joy. We feel more motivated and empowered by using tools that we really love.

That is why I wanted to make a sketching mechanical pencil with yakusugi wood. I love drawing, but I often struggle to get the results I want. Using this drawing tool, made with the ancient wood of yakusugi trees that are more than a thousand years old, makes me feel like borrowing the energy of Yakushima, empowering me to make beautiful things.

When I met Red Line's Mr. Kobayashi, an artist who makes yakusugi pens and other tools made of wood, we talked about the deep love we share for Yakushima and yakusugi wood. Hence we were happy to collaborate on this product together. After some prototypes, we came out with the final design using the gorgeous yakusugi wood that's comfortable to hold. The pencil leads used are 5.6 mm, a size easy to find everywhere in the world.

Enjoy these gorgeous yakusugi sketch pens made from the ancient wood of yakusugi trees, with the experience and craftsmanship of Red Line

Yakusugi is a type of cedar tree that grows in Yakushima Island, in the southern part of Japan. The name “Yakusugi” translates to “Yaku cedar,” with “sugi” meaning cedar in Japanese.

Yakushima Island is renowned for its ancient and majestic Yakusugi trees. These trees are a species of Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) that have thrived on the island for thousands of years, making them some of the oldest living trees in the world. 

It is important to note that the trees have not been cut to use their wood. Only the wood of trees that have fallen due to harsh weather conditions is used to make our pencils. In this way, we can contribute to keeping the balance in the Yakushima ecosystem.


Yakusugi trees are characterized by their massive size, with some specimens reaching heights of over 25 meters and diameters spanning more than 5 meters. The trunks of these ancient trees often display a gnarled and twisted appearance, bearing centuries of growth and weathering. The bark of Yakusugi trees is thick and deeply furrowed, providing protection against the harsh environmental conditions.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Yakusugi trees is their age. Many of these trees are estimated to be over 1,000 to 2,000 years old, with some even believed to be as old as 7,000 years. These ancient trees have borne witness to centuries of history on Yakushima Island, and are revered as symbols of resilience and endurance.

Yakusugi trees play a crucial role in the ecosystem of Yakushima Island. They provide habitat and food for a diverse range of plant and animal species endemic to the island. The slow decomposition rate of Yakusugi wood also contributes to the unique forest ecosystem on Yakushima, creating a rich environment for biodiversity to thrive.

In addition to their ecological significance, Yakusugi trees hold great cultural importance in Japan. They are considered sacred by the local communities in Yakushima Island, and are often associated with spiritual beliefs and practices. The ancient forests where these trees grow are protected as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

Due to their age and vulnerability to environmental threats such as logging and climate change, conservation efforts have been implemented to protect the remaining Yakusugi trees on Yakushima Island. Strict regulations govern access to these ancient forests, limiting human impact and preserving the natural habitat of these iconic trees.

Yakusugi trees from Yakushima Island in Japan stand as living testaments to the passage of time and the resilience of nature. Their towering presence, ancient wisdom, and cultural significance make them truly remarkable treasures that deserve our admiration and protection.

We hope you can feel our passion for Yakusugi trees and Yakushima Island, and enjoy these sketch mechanical pencils as nature's very own treasure.